Summer School

Since its founding, The Rockford Institute has challenged educational fashions such as multiculturalism, outcome-based education, values clarification, whole language, and a preference for technical training over intellectual and moral formation. Understanding that criticism only begins to address the problem, the Institute began its annual Summer School in 1997 to serve as a practical alternative to America’s failing educational institutions.

The Summer School was designed to encourage Americans to take up the great treasures of the West, to love them, and to pass them on to their students, readers, congregations, children, and grandchildren. Unlike a vast number of policy-related organizations, The Rockford Institute found itself intellectually endowed to carry out this mission. The editors of and regular contributors to Chronicles make up a strong team of classically educated men and women who write and speak with style and depth.

With the Summer School, the Institute aims to renew enthusiasm for lifelong learning among students of all ages and to educate influential men and women as well as promising young students. Participants in the annual Summer School include teachers, homeschooling parents, priests and other clerics, lawyers, journalists, psychiatrists, citizens active in politics, professors, authors, philanthropists, and business owners.

• 2014 Summer School: The Age of Dante (July 8-12, 2014)

Previous Summer Schools

• 2013: Reactionary Radicals of the 20th Century (July 9-14, 2013)
• 2012: The Age of Constantine (July 10-15)
• 2011: The French Revolution (July 12-17)
• 2010: Arthur and Alfred: The Anglo-Saxons (July 6-11)
• 2009: The American West (July 7-12)
• 2008: The Crusades (July 8-13)
• 2007: The Stuarts and the English Revolution (July 10-15)
• 2006: The American Agrarian Tradition (July 11-16)

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